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It is useful to keep up to date on the latest developments in FinTech. With the rapid acceleration in the use of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Virtual Reality, financial transactional processes are becoming even more efficient and simple. Both corporates and consumers stand to benefit a lot from these.


Finextra is one of the world’s most comprehensive online resources on FinTech. It covers everything from banking and lending to capital markets. But beyond news articles, Finextra also publishes numerous research articles, whitepapers and case studies. This is a great place to get a full understanding on FinTech trends.


PaymentEye covers anything and everything related to payments. Payments is one space where FinTech has had a massive influence, and PaymentEye focuses on the categories of merchants, gateways, PSPs etc. Beyond providing opinions, the blog also publishes conversations with leading industry professionals to get their take on the latest trends.

Markets Media

Markets Media is focused on capital markets and trading. The information contained is much more technical as it talks about proprietary traders, buy-sell sides, regulations and so on. This is perhaps more relevant for traders and professionals in Investment Banking and Private Equity. Individuals who are heavily into trading should also give this a try.


Finovate is a series of global conferences that focus on financial technology. The conferences are held in New York City, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and other major Financial hubs around the world. Aside from conferences, Finovate also maintains a comprehensive blog focusing on innovations in the sector.