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Understand risks involved in FinTech and Stock markets

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Risk-reward spectrum. All of you would have heard from it finance, economics or really any other business courses at school or university. We all know what it means in general. Risk-reward curve is a directly proportional relationship where, as the risk increases, the potential reward increases. What many need assistance with,

Here are 4 tips to follow to manages effectively your finances

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Personal financial management is a complex arena. It involves the fields of deposits, retail investments, insurance and treasury. While most of us are only concerned with a couple of these categories, we have often heard that diversification of the financial portfolio is the smart thing to do. To diversify a

How banks used to have all the power over you till now

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About 50 years back or more, you could safely say that banks had all the power in their relationship with you. With limited competition and the additional hassle of moving your funds from one bank to another, banks didn’t have the concern of bad customer service leading to a loss