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As we are both a consultant and a content creator, we welcome advertisers from across the financial technology world who need a platform to market their products or services. With over 20 years of experience advising corporates, we can help you steer your product or service in the right direction. After all, getting customer loyalty is the most difficult aspect for FinTechs.

FinTech startups often have a better product as compared to traditional banks and lenders. It is more in business development and client retention that they have a more difficult time. This is because despite the relatively worse service offered by banks and lenders, they have the brand power and client relationship built over a long period of time.

As a result, it is vital that such FinTech companies use as many platforms as possible to reach potential customers and spread their message to them. STTA Consulting’s blog is one such platform. Currently we have more than 1000 advertisers and a readership of 40,000+ readers. Aside from getting access to this audience, advertisers get the following perks.

Banner Space

We offer a large banner space to our advertisers. As we publish articles on many FinTech areas such as lending, banking, trading and insurance, we ensure that we give you a relevant banner space. Additionally, if you get substantial positive reviews from customers, we offer you additional space for a 50% discount.

Direct clients

As we are a consulting firm, we advise clients on products or services that are relevant to them. As a result, you have an opportunity to get your product or service referred by us to such clients.