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We like these books! They have helped us to understand the stock market game better.
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by William F. Sharpe, Gordon J. Alexander, Jeffery V. Bailey, William C. Sharpe

This book should be in every office. If you want to know more about "betas" and how to organize your investment portfolio, read this book. We have used it for many years as a reference manual.

Principles of Corporate Finance
by Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers

One of the best book on fundamental analysis. If you want to know about the theory of efficient portfolio, risk and return of the stock market game, and corporate finance, this is one of the best books to read..

Market Movers
by Nancy Dunnan, Jay J. Pack

An elegantly straightforward book. You can read it as an introduction to economics.

The Roaring 2000s
by Harry S., Jr. Dent

This book helped us to stay in the market during the Fall of 1998. This is why we like it. If you need to be more optimistic, read this book. The first part is particularly good.


The Electronic Day Trader
by Marc Friedfertig, George West, George Piecznik
Useful information about intraday patterns and how the exchanges work.

Trading Online
by Alpesh B. Patel
A good introduction.

Electronic Trading Guide for NASDAQ Level 2
by Online Trading Academy
It is useful but hard to find.


Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Application
by William Feller

If you want to perform a theoretical analysis of the stock market, you need to know the theory of random walks. This is the best book on the subject. It is not an easy book, but here you can find the solution to many problems related to the analysis of trading.

Statistics and Econometrics
by Dominick Salvatore

Many books offer an introduction to statistics, and this college course is one of them. Many examples and concise text - this is why we like the book. We consult it often.

by Jens Feder

This out-of-print book is excellent. The ideas of fractal theory can be applied to the stock market analysis. You can find all the pertinent equations and definitions. Simple language, many examples. It is hard to find this book, but it definitely gives you what you need to perform a serious analysis. 

Chaos Theory Tamed
by Garnett P. Williams

To properly analyze the stock market you should know chaos theory . Using 'lags' can be very interesting. We like this book, but we are not sure it is the best one available. Let us know if you find something better.



The New Market Wizards
by Jack D. Schwager

Though little trading advises is offered, the book is very helpful. You will feel the pulse of serious trading. J. Schwager is a very smart guy and well worth reading.

Trading for a Living
by Dr. Alexander Elder

We do not like classical technical analysis since many price-volume patterns are not statistically proven. Nevertheless, we recommend this book. It shows how the psychology of the crowd is related to market
moves. The author is an expert in this field.  

A Random Walk Down Wall Street
by Burton G. Malkiel

Prof. Malkiel criticizes fundamental analysis and technical analysis as well. Ironically, it is a very book that stimulated us to start developing our own trading strategies. We recommend to our users read this book. It is worth knowing all opinions.

What Works on Wall Street
by James P. O'Shaughnessy

This book is about fundamental analysis. Computer analysis, many tables. We can recommend Mr. O'Shaughnessy's methods for general investing. If you use part of your capital for investment, read this book.

Trading Rules
by William F. Eng

Rule #18: Decrease your trading after a series of successes. This is one of 50 rules described in the book. Think about these rules. Many of them can help you save money.



These books could be very helpful for understanding the stock market. A finance-based reading curricula can get students interested in economics at an early age. A reading lesson plan focused on stocks and money could create the economists of the future. The best is part is that you can find all these educational resources online!