Other Services

Special Research
Got a problem? Ask us for help. If your question is simple we will answer it for free. If it takes time and writing a special computer program - we will charge you depending on the complexity of the task.

Example of the research project:

1. Every trading day (day #0) calculate one month relative price changes for the NASDAQ-100 stocks.
2. Select five stocks with the largest (%) one month price drops.
3. On the next day (day #1)  buy all stocks from the list if their prices drop more than 5%.
4. Sell stocks in 3-5 days

Calculate the average returns and risk of this strategy.

This project costs $400. If you a Full Service Subscriber you will get 50% discount. If a project takes more than one week we will ask you to pay additional $200 ($100 for our subscribers).


Customer Computer Programming
If you need a computer program (Visual Basic, C++, Perl, ...) to analyze stock markets, the option market, or some special programs, contact us.

Mathematical Analysis of Financial Markets
Give us your ideas and together we will see how your problem can be solved.