Affiliation program

We offer an affiliate program that is simple and free to join!

Our partner, ClickBank, handles real-time reporting, e-mail notification of every sale, and sending paychecks to you every 2 weeks! Just include a link on your web site (see below), and sales resulting from the link will earn you cash. Get paid a 30% commission for every sale that your site brings to us.

Your commissions
Product Price Transaction fees taken by ClickBank ($1+7.5%) Your commission
E-book: Short-Term Trading Analysis $35 3.55 $9.4
E-book: How to win the stock market game $16.99 2.27 $4.42
Two e-books mentioned above $40 4 $10.8
Trial STTA Subscription $5 1.37 $1.09
1 month Full Service Subscription
$90 7.75 $24.68
3 month Full Service Subscription
$250 19.75 $69.08
1 month BPTS Subscription $24 2.8 $6.36
3 month BPTS Subscription $60 5.5 $16.35
6 month BPTS Subscription $100 8.5 $27.45
12 month BPTS Subscription $180 14.5 $49.65

How to start an affiliation program

1. Join ClickBank (it is FREE)

2. Add the following link to your website: http://hop.clickbank.net/?nickname/daragan111

Replace "nickname" inside the above link with the nickname (account name) you have assigned yourself at Clickbank (don't delete "daragan111").

After this you are ready to make money!


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