STTA Consulting Inc.

Company Name - STTA Consulting Inc.

Founded - April 1999

Type of Business - Research, educational, informational and consulting services. Web design and programming. Privately owned and operated.

Vladimir A. Daragan, PhD

Business Address
STTA Consulting Inc.
835 Sextant Ave.
Roseville, MN, 55113

E-mail Address

STTA Consulting projects:

Statistical analysis of financial markets
STTA-Consulting.com   AnalyzeIndices.com   BasicsOfTrading.com
Stock trading strategies, stock option trading strategies, risk/return analysis, efficient investment portfolios, market and industry indices, stock market history, non-random walk theory, correlation analysis, stock price trend analysis, e-books about stock trading, free e-journal New Trading Ideas.

Local Advertisement
AllMinnesota.com - we aquired this business in 2005
Local web directory, classifieds, photo tours, panoramic photos.

BetaGate.com - popular news

Web design and web programming
Banner-Button.com    1MillionDollarPhoto.com
Web design, flash design, CGI and PHP programming, banner and button design, 3D design, online games, desktop tools, desktop wallpapers, digital photography, image processing.

Web promotion service
Visual directory of arts and design: photography, painting, design, sculpture, crafts, and more.
New search engine and web directory. 2D presentation of structured search results. Your favorite links on our server.

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